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The Creative Messaging App

Cozapp is a brand new messaging app for people who like to be creative in their personal messaging.

This is a BETA release. We are still doing some debugging and final testing but fell free to try it out in the meantime.

At Cozapp, we think messaging has got, well, a bit dull really. A bit black and white. We think messaging needs to let you, be you.

Cozapp is a person to person messaging app. It’s made for those special chats with your best mates, your friends and family, your local club members, all the people you know really. It’s not about broadcasting and publishing or photo sharing. Other apps do that and they are good at what they do, Cozapp is not a social media platform. It’s really just about letting you express yourself in your way in your personal messages to the people you know. Its private and personal.


What’s really different about Cozapp though is that we think you should be able to be a bit more creative in your messaging, be able to personalise your messages and create your own style and messaging fashion. We all have our own personality after all, so why not be able to personalise your messages? At Cozapp, we let you do just that. You’ll soon discover the very many ways that you use different colours and fonts, and backgrounds and borders and images and finger-painting and of course, add some stickers to your messages. Creating the message is part of the fun!


Its free to use. At the moment its only available on Android devices but the Apple version is coming soon. Once you have downloaded the app from the app store, you can start to wow your friends and start the buzz in your circle. Messages are free to send and receive but you do need to be connected by Wi-Fi or by your mobile phone service provider. If you use your mobile phone service provider, you will need a data bundle and Cozapp messages will use up bits of your data allowance.

So what’s stopping you? Why not join the Cozapp family and start the trend going in your magic circle.


We have tried to make Cozapp easy to use but as you will soon discover, it’s not like any other messaging app you will have used. You can still send send quick messages using your favourite style as you would in other apps, but when you have a bit of down time, maybe when you are on the tube or the bus, you can also create some very distinctive messages, unique to you. We have worked on the principle of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so whatever you have created on your message screen will be what the person on the receiving end will see as well. Probably the best way to learn how to create your very own message style is to get stuck right in and download the app. If you do get stuck, we have some user tips on the website and in the app to help you along.